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Linda S. Wallace is a results-driven management consultant, keynote speaker and executive trainer who offers high-impact work tools and cultural competency training for diverse, high-performance organizations.  

Her award-winning column, The Cultural Coach, answers questions about life's sticky situations and offers guidance for avoiding costly cultural collisions. "Diversity can be an economic driver when it is managed well and used wisely," Wallace said. "When it underperforms, managers need to understand why and make the necessary adjustments. Diversity operates most efficiently in learning cultures where people are curious, adaptable and skilled at multicultural communication." 

The Cultural Coach and Cultural IQ engage a diverse community of learners who learn to interact powerfully, yet honestly, and engage in self-guided learning.  

Ms.Wallace, president of Memphis-based Linda S. Wallace Communications, was among the early champions of cultural competency, a universal skill set that empowers individuals to connect, communicate and collaborate in highly diverse communities and workplaces. 

Her customized workshops create comfortable, relaxed laboratories for learning where individuals acquire tools to negotiate the landscape of differences, master gender- and race-neutral communications, probe why differences exist and expand networks and allies. The workshops address:

  • cultural shades - what they are, how to manage them
  • impactful multicultural communications including bias-free, stereotype-free oral and written communications  Techniques of appreciative inquiry.
  • cultural ambiguity - ability to manage contradictory thoughts or beliefs
  • strategies for removing bias and engaging in evidence-based (bias-free) decision-making 
  • cultural detective work - learning to see which pieces are missing from our cultural puzzles 
  • work tools for expanding markets, business networks and collaboration
  • learning cultures - adapting and applying adult education techniques to diversity.

Ms. Wallace draws upon the lessons of The Cultural Coach column to create a language of the heart and a low-stress, high-impact diversity seminar that appeals to politically and culturally diverse audiences.  

Linda. S. Wallace Communications
Memphis, TN. 38104
Business Phone: 713-302-9967
Email: Culturaliq@gmail.com​

“Finding a credible facilitator to address issues of diversity has always been a challenge. That is, until I sat in on a session conducted by Linda Wallace," says Mary Ann Wendt, vice president, Human Resources, for Hearst Newspapers. "Her approach connects with her audience, using a language that opens ears to listening, hearts to feeling and mouths to talking.?
  Mary Ann Wendt
  VP, Human Resources
  Hearst Newspapers


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